prevent deppression

iF is facing long-term depression, chances are you start wondering why you do not feel better. In fact, other patients who you know, was healed after therapy or using antidepressants for several months.

In most people, the problem of stubborn depression caused by various combinations of factors. Several factors can not be controlled, such as genes. But several factors could be controlled. According to the experts, here are some stubborn depression triggers:

Less time using the drug. You can see the effects of antidepressants after six to eight weeks of use. Unfortunately, many people (and sometimes even doctors), who are too quick to surrender. They stopped using the drug before the drug could help.

Skipping doses. If not consumed, an antidepressant can not help you. You will never know whether drugs are truly effective depression when not using the appropriate prescription.

Disturbing side effects. Many people stop using antidepressants because it is not comfortable with the side effects. This method is not a good idea. There’s a good idea to consult with your doctor and ask for help. Chances are you can eliminate or alleviate the side effects and still could stop the depression. Do not forget also, the side effects tend to diminish over time.

Drug interactions. Some types of medication can not work properly when combined with antidepressant medication. When used at the same time, both drugs tend not to be working normally. In some cases, interactions and even highly dangerous.

Wrong drug or dose. Antidepressant works differently on everyone. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict how drugs work without trying. So, try to find the right medication, right dose, with a few experimental efforts and failures in the middle. Many people give up before finding the right medication.

Gene. Researcher, as quoted site, have found a gene that is believed to be the cause of the difficulty of treatment of depression in some people.

Other medical conditions. Some medical conditions, such as heart disease, cancer or thyroid disorders, can cause depression. Other conditions, such as anorexia can also trigger the same thing. Therefore, it is better to treat health disorders that cause or worsen the condition of your depression.

Use of alcohol or drug excess. abuse of alcohol and drug running side by side with the depression. This condition can trigger or exacerbate depression. If you experience this problem, make sure mendicant immediate assistance.

Diagnosis wrong. Some people just have the wrong diagnosis and otherwise suffering from resistant depression. In fact, they may experience other conditions, such as bipolar disorder or anxiety disorders. Therefore, it is important to work with specialists.

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