depressive symptoms

you must already know the symptoms of depression associated with emotion. But, often you may not realize that depression can also cause physical symptoms. As a result, many patients with depression who do not get the proper handling of the symptoms they feel. Many doctors are not aware of the symptoms that you experience triggered by depression. To help you recognize the symptoms and get appropriate treatment, following some physical symptoms associated with depression.

Headaches. This is a common problem in patients with depression. If you also suffer from migraine, the condition will get worse if you’re depressed. Therefore, if your next headache recurrence, consider your lifestyle and activities. Maybe you are too much under pressure and need time to relax.

Backache. If you already suffer from back pain, the pain condition will deteriorate if you’re depressed.

Pain in muscles and joints. Depression can exacerbate all types of chronic pain. So, do not let the pain was getting worse due to stress. Immediately perform relaxation techniques or meditation to calm down and relieve your stress.

Pain in the chest. If your chest pain, of course, very necessary to do the examination by experts to ensure that you do not experience heart trouble. However, pain in the chest are also often caused by stress.

Indigestion. Symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, or difficult bowel movement can also be a sign of depression.

Fatigue. You never feel still tired no matter how long you were asleep? Or, you feel very hard when they want to get up for. This all is a sign of depression.

Sleep disturbance. Most people who suffer from depression could not sleep well. There is a wake up too early and some are not sleep despite being in bed for hours. However, there is also sleep more than normal sleeping hours. If you experience these symptoms, begin to take time to relax yourself.

Changes in appetite and weight loss. Some people with depression experience loss of appetite and weight loss. However, there is also a so kerajingan certain foods such as carbohydrates, and experienced weight gain. So, identify your appetite and do not let stress interfere with your normal diet.

Dizziness. Dizziness and head felt light is also a symptom of depression.

These physical symptoms not only occur on the head. Depression can lead to changes in your body. For example, depression can slow the digestive process, causing disturbances in the stomach.

Depression is associated with a chemical imbalance in the brain tetentu. Some of these chemicals play an important role in regulating pain. So, many experts stating that depression can make you feel sick in a different way with others.

Overcome the physical symptoms

In some cases, physical symptoms of depression can be overcome by therapy or drugs or both. But, make sure you consult with your doctor about any symptoms you feel. Do not leave and hope the symptoms will go away by itself. Symptoms that might require additional treatment. For example, doctors may recommend the use of drugs anticemas if you suffer from insomnia. Drug would help you relax and helps you to sleep more soundly.

Because of the pain and depression go hand in hand, sometimes relieve pain can help you overcome depression. So, consult a physician about the use of antidepressant drugs. In addition, therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy can help you cope with pain better

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