Java Jazz Festival 2010

John Legend and Toni Braxton are two names of artists who will perform in Java Jazz Festival 2010.

Festival will be held on 5-7 March 2010.
“John Legend will perform at the 5th,” said Peter F. Mutually, Chairman Java Festival Production in a press conference in Jakarta (21 / 1).

Toni Braxton, he continued, the release of his new album. “We’ll see if the album Toni Braxton is still like that then-then,” said Peter.

Also a composer and printer 90 hits, Diane Warren also will demonstrate skill in the event this time great jazz. “He was asked to perform in Java Jazz and not paid,” said Peter.

According to him, other than the sound performance, Diane is also a duet singer will bring his latest project, Due Voci in special projects.

This time the festival will also be the debut appearance Grifith Frank. According to Peter, a kind of vocal Grifith like Josh Groban and Michael Buble.

The jazz musicians who will perform a re-Manhattan Transfer. “They want re-play and this as our appreciation to them,” he said. Eric Bennett and Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds will also be in action.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. GU Ti Dur berkata:

    Fell jazz fell music

  2. Ahmad Dhani berkata:

    Sip banget

  3. maia berkata:

    Ga ada jason marzt ya

  4. Jazzer berkata:

    Mudah-mudahan tambah manteb

  5. Gesang berkata:

    Bengawan solo ada ga

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