biggest catfish in spain

biggest catfish in spain
Madrid – A woman who almost magically blind catfish fishing in history as the biggest holiday in Spain. This catches record-breaking biggest freshwater fish.

“We remember, I always smile. Just because the blind does not mean I can not break records, “said Sheila Penfold (56), as reported by Mail Online, Wednesday (20 / 1). Amazing indeed, especially when walking alone he should be guided others.

Sheila with her husband, Alan, and their son, Arthur, when it was enjoying a holiday in Spain. This British family decided to go fishing on the River Ebro, near the city of Barcelona.

When the bait bitten, she immediately knew she had a big catch. Because, he had to fight 30 minutes to get it. “I’m exhausted, but really pleased. No thought has been to record this, “he said.

very large size, the weight reached 107 pounds. This is a very big record, considering the largest catfish caught in the river that weighs less than 35 pounds.

Once satisfied picture and realized he broke the record, she returned to the fish habitat in a healthy state. Break the record he has received such confirmation from the British Record Fish Committee


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