Biotech Food Safe

American Research Institute, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluded that biotech foods as safe as conventional food. It is based on the comparison of results of various tests conducted on food biotech commercialization for 12 years.

Dr. James Maryanski, biteknologi consultant, in Seminar on “Regulation of Biotech Results: current status and applications” (4 / 12) in Jakarta said the test of proportionality is using the approach of science-based Codex (Codex Science-Based). “Codex approach has been accepted globally as food testing methods that can dipertangungjawabkan biotech scientifically,” said former FDA biotechnology coordinator for this

The principle of the Codex approach to identify the differences that arise between biotech crops and conventional. So it will be known sedepadanan level substantially between the two.

Biotech food exists in the ground water is still a debate. Health and safety problems become an issue for environmental groups counter. As for the support, the results of genetic engineering technology is believed will provide an important role in the global food security.

Dedi Fardiaz, IPB biotechnology experts stressed that Indonesia is concerned with modern biotechnology. One form to exit the Assessment Guidelines for Food Safety Genetic Engineering Products from BPOM year 2008.

Meanwhile, Bambang Purwantara, Director IndoBIC, view the adoption of biotech need strong political will, especially from policy makers. “If the government had also completed the establishment of a commission as mandated by the PP NO 21 In 2005, the adoption of biotech will remain the road in place,” he said


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